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Hospital: Ft. Hood shooting suspect awake, talking

Advice for Obama: ‘Start knocking heads’ on health

The Lords of Entitlement

Does Obama delay in scheduling Netanyahu meet point to crisis?

China Executes Nine Uighurs

Iran welcomes nuke talks, but ignores West’s offers

Berlin Wall anniversary: leaders recreate historic walk

Obama to announce extra 34,000 troops for Afghanistan

Iran charges US trying with espionage

How British anti-terror investigators helped foil Al Qaeda plot to bomb New York subway

Thugs as young as six ‘threatened to shoot paramedics trying to treat badly burned toddler’

Branded an abuser for telling off my children in a supermarket: Mother trailed by police and ‘chastisement put on record’ for at least 14 YEARS

PETER HITCHENS: Revealed in all his fakery, David Cameron – the tough talker who took the coward’s way out

The Berlin Wall’s Rise and Fall

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The SOB’s Passed It In the Dark of a Saturday Night

Iranian lawmaker warns Russia over missile delay

Japan puts Obama in his place

Fort Hood gunman had told US military colleagues that infidels should have their throats cut

Fort Hood killer linked to September 11 terrorists

Policewoman awoke from surgery and asked if anybody died

Hamid Karzai ‘to purge Afghan government of corrupt officials’…”for real this time”

US likely to dispatch 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan

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World Net Daily is reporting that Fort Hood gunman Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan attended a meeting with President Obama’s advisors wherein they discussed matters of Homeland Security. **relevant excerpt below

aaAccording to the Associated Press, Hasan had been trying to leave the military for years, and the FBI had been monitoring him for at least six months after he posted anti-American rants online. Former commanders are all giving the same story: he was really quiet, didn’t make friends, and needed close supervision to perform his duties because of undisclosed “difficulties.”

Hey Newsweek: thanks for proffering speculation that he snapped because of stress about the wars. Any day now, I am sure that another random soldier will shout Allah Akbar in a shooting spree because they’re just so burned out.

It warms the heart to know that President Obama’s staff does such a great job vetting everyone who gets close to him. After eight years of being told that the President shaped policy to appease his partisan base, it would be nice if someone in the mainstream media started asking the same about Obama.

**NEW YORK – Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the alleged shooter in yesterday’s massacre at Fort Hood, played a homeland security advisory role in President Barack Obama’s transition into the White House, according to a key university policy institute document.

The Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University published a document May 19, entitled “Thinking Anew – Security Priorities for the Next Administration: Proceedings Report of the HSPI Presidential Transition Task Force, April 2008 – January 2009,” in which Hasan of the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine is listed on page 29 of the document as a Task Force Event Participant.

The Homeland Security Policy Institute is led by Frank J Cilluffo, who formerly served in the White House as special assistant to President Bush for homeland security, and by Daniel Kaniewski, who formerly served in the White House as special assistant to President Bush for homeland security and senior director for response policy.

“Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor,” Hasan said about America before he and possibly other Muslim soldiers at Fort Hood shot 43 fellow soldiers, killing 12, who were returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

“He said Muslims had a right to attack” the U.S., said Col. Terry Lee, who worked with Hasan at the Texas post, where the devout Sunni Muslim refused deployment. “He said Muslims shouldn’t be fighting Muslims,” he added. “He was very clear on that.”

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In a country where the average annual income per person is $800, Hamid Karzai’s big brother Mahmoud makes millions of dollars a year.

Mahmoud Karzai is an American citizen, like most of his family, who fled the Soviets in 1981 and ended up in the US in ’82. The family opened several Afghan restaurants and lived here for ten years before a number of them returned to their homeland.pigs_trough

Eight years ago, Mahmoud Karzai was running a handful of modest restaurants in Baltimore, Boston, and San Francisco.  Mr. Karzai, once an immigrant waiter, now a restaurant owner, enjoys the satisfaction of being one of Afghanistan’s most prosperous businessmen.

While still living in Maryland in 2001, he began brainstorming with other Afghan-American businessmen about how to jump on the gravy train when the Bush administration began providing foreign aid to Afghanistan. They developed a plan to set up a new Afghan Chamber of Commerce, soon winning $6 million from the United States Agency for International Development.

In an election last year, financed with more than $500,000 from the American aid agency, Mr. Karzai was chosen as the chamber’s vice chairman, and his business partner Sher Khan Farnood became chairman. (Mr. Farnood is also the chairman of Kabul Bank and the owner of a major trading business in Dubai.) Opponents charged that the voting was rigged, which Mr. Karzai of course denies. The Afghan Chamber of Commerce is highly influential, giving Mahmoud a powerful platform to broker deals and lure foreign investors.

In a nation with plenty of hidden wealth, no reporting requirements for bank cash deposits or accounts, and a tax system that is mostly voluntary, it’s impossible to figure out the net worth of top Afghanis. Still, many financial experts think Mahmoud Karzai could be the country’s wealthiest person. He is sometimes derisively called the “Minister of Deals,” the person to see to do business in the post-Taliban country.

Mahmoud Karzai also has major interests in Kabul Bank, in Afghanistan’s most ambitious real estate development, its only Toyota distributorship (3/4 of the cars in Afghanistan are Toyotas), its only cement factory, and four coal mines. Rumors of bribes and cronyism surround each of these acquisitions.

Mahmoud has collected millions in American government loans for real estate developments in Kandahar and Kabul, and schmoozed Jack Kemp, the late Republican congressman, in order to gain  introductions to American officials and international business executives.

Now that the American involvement in Afghanistan has made Mahmoud Karzai one of the richest men in the country, if not the richest, he has one thing left to say to the Westerners..

Does Mahmoud have anything he wants to say to the West? “Yes, tell the G-20 to stop debating about the election results (his brother’s reelection has been challenged for widespread reported ballot fraud), and send some money to Afghanistan for infrastructure improvement. They must invest in this country to make it a member of the international community. We have one foot in democracy, now we need to move the other into free-market capitalism. But we can’t without help from them.”

Please sir, I want some more.

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If Karzai didn’t already have serious credibility problems, this would still be damaging. As it is, his chances of re-election, even with the help of the Afghan branch of ACORN, have suffered a heavy blow.

Karzai’s brother ‘on CIA payroll’

US involvement in Afghanistan has come into new question with the claim that President Hamid Karzai’s brother has for years been on the payroll of the CIA – even though he is suspected of being a major figure in the illicit opium trade that Washington and its allies are pledged to do everything to stamp out.

If they were trying to stamp it out, they’d fire-bomb the poppy fields. Like they meant it. Ω

“The Western policies against the opium crop, the poppy crop, have been a failure,” representative Richard C. Holbrooke, told reporters on the margins of the Group of 8 conference in the northern Italian city of Trieste, Reuters reported. “They did not result in any damage to the Taliban, but they put farmers out of work and they alienated people and drove people into the arms of the Taliban.”

Mr. Holbrooke said the United States would begin phasing out eradication efforts, which generally have involved spraying or plowing under poppy fields, often under fire from Taliban militants or angry farmers. Instead, he said, more emphasis would be placed on helping Afghan farmers make a living through other crops and on seizing both drugs coming out of the country and growing and processing supplies coming in.

Yes, try to persuade them that they can make more money growing something other than opium. Genius.

GARMSER, Afghanistan — The Marines of Bravo Company’s 1st Pla­toon sleep beside a grove of pop­pies. Troops in the 2nd Pla­toon play­fully swat at the heavy opium bulbs while walk­ing through the fields. Afghan labor­ers scrap­ing the plant’s gooey resin smile and wave.

Last week, the 24th Marine Expe­di­tionary Unit moved into south­ern Hel­mand province, the world’s largest opium poppy-growing region, and now find them­selves sur­rounded by green fields of the ille­gal plants that pro­duce the main ingre­di­ent of heroin.

The Tal­iban, whose fight­ers are exchang­ing daily fire with the Marines in Garmser, derives up to $100 mil­lion a year from the poppy har­vest by tax­ing farm­ers and charg­ing safe pas­sage fees — money that will buy weapons for use against U.S., NATO and Afghan troops.

Yet the Marines are not destroy­ing the plants. In fact, they are reas­sur­ing vil­lagers the pop­pies won’t be touched. Amer­i­can com­man­ders say the Marines would only alien­ate peo­ple and drive them to take up arms if they elim­i­nated the impov­er­ished Afghans’ only source of income.

And heavily involved in the drug trade that supports the Taliban is Prime Minister Karzai’s brother.


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Taliban threaten Afghan voters in November runoff  Ω

KABUL (AP) – Taliban militants threatened Afghans with violence Saturday if they vote in the Nov. 7 runoff presidential election, as President Hamid Karzai’s campaign ruled out any power-sharing deal to avoid another ballot.

Supporters of Karzai’s challenger, meanwhile, urged the country’s top three election officials to step down—alleging they were involved in rigging the first round of fraud-marred voting in August and should not be responsible for organizing the upcoming vote.

The Taliban issued their warning on the first official day of campaigning for the runoff, denouncing the contest between Karzai and former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah as “a failed, American process.”

They said fighters would “launch operations against the enemy and stop people from taking part” in the election, warning that anyone who casts a ballot “will bear responsibility for their actions.”

Taliban fighters killed dozens of people during the August balloting, firing rockets at several provincial cities and cutting off voters’ ink-stained fingers that indicated they had cast ballots.

While we’re talking about the Taliban and their methods, let me just remind everyone..

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama declared in an interview that the United States was open to reaching out to moderate elements of the Taliban in Afghanistan and, possibly, Pakistan, in continuation of its policy with Sunni militias in Iraq. He, however, added that the war in Afghanistan was much more complicated and that the US was not winning so far.

Also, see my previous post..

Obama, the Taliban, and Spin the Bottle

And while the Obama team is playing footsies with these people..  

The Taliban, which has been making major advances in its fight to topple the Kabul government, urged Afghans on Saturday to boycott the run-off and vowed to disrupt voting.



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Karzai concedes he did not win Afghan election after UN finds that poll was rigged
Bright boy.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has conceded today that he fell short of victory in the country’s August presidential election. –“fell short of victory”, newspeak for “we got caught cheating”.

Karzai has spoken out against a second round and has criticised the fraud investigation, which he hinted could have involved foreign meddling.–foreign devils!
He admitted he did not receive the 50 per cent vote share he needed, and has agreed to to a run-off election with his challenger, Dr Abdullah Abdullah. –“John (Loser) Kerry threatened to tomahawk me with his face if I didn’t follow orders.” -attributed to a karacul-wearing used car salesman of uncertain parentage and overactive sebaceous glands.

A UN-backed fraud investigation that threw out nearly a third of Karzai’s ballots.–dangling chads…

The Afghan president claimed he won an outright victory in the first round of elections but observers have said as many as one in four votes cast were suspicious.–“When in doubt, claim victory.”-attributed to tyrants everywhere..
Investigators did not release enough figures to allow for an independent judgment, but it was clear that hundreds of thousands of Karzai votes were voided. In all, more than 5 million votes were cast in the election. Hundreds of thousands out of 5 million…the American ACORN offices are taking notes!

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President Barack Obama’s review of strategy in Afghanistan means America will end up making a deal with the Taliban, and tolerating warlords, to end the fighting.
For O-pocrisy, see here.

Mullah Mutawakkil, once a confidant of the one-eyed Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, was held at a US base in Kandahar in 2002 after he gave himself up to American troops.
The former foreign minister believes the Taliban understands that Afghanistan has changed since they were driven from power. They want a nation governed by strict Islamic laws but realise they cannot turn the clock back, he said. They want it, but they won’t try to get it. Because they promised.

Now he is being politely wooed by a stream of senior US officials (hope they’re being “safe”..*cough*) who make discreet visits to his villa, which is guarded by armed police, to hear his thoughts on what the Taliban mood is like and whether any of its leaders are ready for talks. They better remember to bring chocolate, flowers, mouthwash, and…prayer rugs.

He believes that the Taliban would split from what he called their al-Qaeda “war allies” if a deal was within reach. “If the Taliban fight on and finally became Afghanistan’s government with the help of al-Qaeda, it would then be very difficult to separate them,” he warned.–threatened

Taliban leaders are looking for guarantees of their personal safety from the US, and a removal of the “bounties” placed on the head of their top commanders. They also want a programme for the release of prisoners held at the notorious Bagram US air base in Afghanistan, and at Guantanamo Bay. Three demands..for now. “The infidel dogs are capitulating, charge!”

In return, he says, the Taliban would promise not to allow Afghanistan to be used to plan attacks on America – the original reason for American invervention, and the overriding aim of US policy in the region. Oh look, they promise. *basks in warm, fuzzy glow*

Excuse me, my unicorn just arrived.

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Sacked US diplomat says Afghan fraud even worse

A US diplomat sacked by the United Nations after alleging fraud in Afghanistan’s election said Monday that the extent of cheating was even greater than reported by a UN-backed watchdog.

The United Nations dismissed Peter Galbraith last month as the deputy UN special envoy to Afghanistan after he charged that as many as 30 percent of votes cast August 20 for incumbent President Hamid Karzai were fraudulent.
But after initial UN denials, a UN-backed watchdog on Monday threw out votes from 210 polling stations, raising pressure on the country’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) to call a run-off.

Translation: You’re right, but how dare you! The impudence! You have 10 minutes to clean out your desk before the blue helmets escort you from the building. Next time maybe you’ll keep your mouth shut and stick to the script.”

Hamid Karzai refuses to accept being stripped of Afghanistan election win

A two-month investigation into allegations of widespread ballot-stuffing by supporters took his share of the vote from 55 per cent to 48 per cent, officials said.

Mr Karzai was said to be furious with the findings, –I’m shocked! while the Karzai-appointed election committee which must certify the final results also signaled it would not accept them either. –Even more shocked!

Senator John (Loser) Kerry, a close ally of Barack Obama, made an unscheduled visit to the Afghan capital yesterday to persuade Mr Karzai to accept the results of the inquiry. –Wait, they didn’t send Al Gore?!

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Metaphorically speaking.
As far as I know…
KABUL (AP) – Fraud investigators threw out hundreds of thousands of votes for President Hamid Karzai in the country’s disputed August election, according to a report released Monday. The findings set the stage for a runoff between him and his top challenger.

It was unclear, however, whether the Independent Election Commission would accept the findings of the U.N.-backed fraud panel –isn’t that a contradiction in terms? and announce a runoff. Karzai’s spokesman said it was too soon to make a judgment based on the figures released by the panel. –Of course it is, that would be silly!

For those of you who don’t follow Afghan politics, here’s a bit of info on Dr. Abdullah. 

Already well known among most Afghans, Dr. Abdullah*, 48, an ophthalmologist, has a background that includes years of resistance to Soviet and Taliban rule as well as a crucial role in the formation of the new democratic government after the American intervention. *Campaign website

He strikes all the right notes about a de-centralized federal government and stronger representation of the people, but his unfortunate use of “Hope and Change” sure does send a shiver down my spine.

From his campaign website:

I’m asking you to believe not only in my ability to bring about necessary change and hope in our beloved country, Afghanistan, but I’m also asking you to believe in your own potential to change the course of our history.” Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We C—Oops, sorry. I blacked out there for a second.

Lessee, vote for the karacul-wearing used car salesman wallowing in cronyism and vote fraud…or the Afghan Obama sound-alike. *drums fingers*….. Good luck with that, guys! And gals..

Normally, I’d have more sympathy, but we have problems of our own to deal with.

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