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Eat your heart out, Barry!

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South Korean Navy patrol boats: North and South Korean warships in naval skirmish

North and South Korea warships exchange fire

Fort Hood gunman linked to al-Qaedakoala-art_1491960g

Koalas ‘extinct within 30 years’

Washington sniper to be executed

Police: Bomb kills 20 in northwest Pakistan market

Yoel Marcus / Can Oslo take back Obama’s Nobel?

Gulf Al-Qaida chief: Shi’ites like Iran more dangerous than Jews

IDF Chief: Hezbollah has rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv


Russian Intelligence: Georgia May Attack South Ossetia Again

Aerospace safety a must, says Chinese general

Rich Chinese kids sent to US military schools

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tomarma_rhino_costumesCharlie Crist appears to have abysmal taste in friends. The Florida governor and Senate hopeful is hastily putting distance between himself and all the thieving jailbirds he used to accept money from before they came under federal indictment.

Scott Rothstein, who described himself as a “close friend and advisor to the governor” on his law firm biography, is the latest of three crooked Crist fundraisers to face federal charges. Rothstein’s office was raided by dozens of federal agents this week, who confiscated documents and computer files relating to a Ponzi scheme that could reach into the hundreds of millions. Mr. Rothstein raised $675,00 for Crist’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign and donated almost $80,000 during the first six weeks of Crist’s Senate campaign. While Crist insists the two aren’t close, they attended each other’s weddings last year and Crist appointed Rothstein to a state Judicial Nominating Commission. —Scott buddy, I never knew ye..

One of the other men causing Crist much internal angst and a lot of political favors is Alan Mendelsohn, a fundraiser who stole from four separate political action committees to buy a love nest for his mistress, an education for his kids, annnnnd a brand new luxury car to drop said kids off at school in before tooling over to the aforementioned love nest. Crist and Alan are so close he put Alan on his gubernatorial transition team in 2006, a coveted spot for aspiring political bootlick..heavyweights.

In February Jordanian businessman living in the Dominican Republic, Ala’a al-Ali, was arrested for making tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions to an odd trio of politicians, Guliani, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain, during the presidential primaries. He also donated to one gubernatorial campaign, that of our boy Charlie. Senator McCain returned $50,000 in dirty money, while the other recipients observed a deep and profound silence on the matter.

A close associate of Ali’s is wealthy defense contractor Harry Sargeant, a bundler recently forced out as Florida Republican Party finance chairman. Sargeant, a college buddy of Crist’s, bundled hefty sums for the governor, much of it from foreign donors in California who had never heard of Crist, and also bundled more than half a million dollars for McCain’s campaign. The man is embroiled in scandal but does not yet face any criminal charges.

All of these associations paint an ugly picture of corruption, cronyism, and one big, fat RINO who desperately needs a good wuppin’ at the polls. Why are the RNC and the NRSC backing this man?!

Rubio, Rubio, wherefore art thou Rubio?

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