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This is an update on the conference at Brandeis University that your humble correspondent has been following.

phoneRichard Goldstone, the anti-Semitic scheduled to attend the event, has long been known as the leader of a vicious smear campaign against the Israeli government. He was commissioned by the UN to “investigate” the war on Hamas, and predictably turned in a report that accused Israel of crimes against humanity. The UN’s Human Rights Commission then used the report as an excuse to pass a resolution against the Israeli military.

This is the beginning steps of the UN getting traction on their long-sought efforts to charge Israel with breaking international law.

John Bolton wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the Goldstone Report was biased from day one and will be used by Israel’s enemies to paint them in the worst possible light. It’s a great big shell game from the UN – legitimize accusations by including them in an “official report,” use emotional reaction as momentum for passing resolutions, and then attack anyone who questions it by claiming the process was fully vetted.

Where did President Obama come down on this? Hint: he disagrees with Bolton.

Four Congress critters have drafted a resolution of their own to challenge the Goldstone Report and urge Obama to think twice before believing it.  Hats off to Democrats Gary Ackerman and Howard Berman for getting on board.

Already, the blogosphere is gearing up to pressure their allies in Congress to kill the bill.

Call Congress: (202)224-3121

Call your critters. Call your President. Call your friends who care about Israel. Don’t let screaming college kids at Brandeis University pretend to represent all of America. And don’t leave your heart unspoken when evil is so close at hand.


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As Lord Monckton said on October 14th of this year, the “green” movement is the guise taken by the world’s hard-core communist elites. It’s a power grab of global proportions, aimed at financially devastating and demoralizing the middle-class. The “data” used to support their hysterical claims of environmental catastrophe is coming more and more into question. As the people’s doubt grows, the alarmist rhetoric intensifies.

Australians could be banned from living on the coast

Australians could be banned from living on the coast under a radical environmental plan to protect the population from rising sea levels.

The National Sea Change Taskforce, a parliamentary committee, spent 18 months examining the effect that changing climate could have on coastal Australia and concluded that urgent action was needed to safeguard the coast from seas that are expected to rise more than 31 inches this century.

Among the panel’s recommendations were forced evacuations from coastal areas and a ban on new homes in regions considered to be at risk from flooding and rising seas.

Climate change to force 75 million Pacific Islanders from their homes

Andrew Hewett, Oxfam Australia Executive Director, said it was vital that Australia started working with Pacific governments to plan for the impact of climate change.

As the wealthiest country in the region and the highest per capita polluter, Australia “must prevent further climate damage to the Pacific by urgently adopting higher targets” – reducing emissions by at least 40 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020 – and urging other developed countries to do the same, the report said.

The Australian government’s commitment of $150 million (£75m) to help Pacific Islanders adapt to climate change needed to at least double, it said.

Climate change will push price of bread to £6.50

A map of the impacts of a (hypothetical) 4C rise in global temperatures published by the Government warned rice yields could drop by up to 30% in China, India and Bangladesh and maize and wheat yields could fall by up to 40% in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Friends of the Earth is calling for a strong climate deal in Copenhagen in December, when it is hoped countries will agree to reduce global greenhouse gases to limit temperature rises to 2C and avoid the ”dangerous” climate change which would occur with greater temperature increases.

Quote by Emma Brindal, a climate justice campaigner coordinator for Friends of the Earth: “A climate change response must have at its heart a redistribution of wealth and resources.”


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Campaign-giving restriction is nullified

A federal appeals court on Friday dramatically expanded the ability of politically oriented groups such as Emily’s List or the National Rifle Association to raise and spend money to help candidates get elected to federal office.

The opinion, issued by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, nullifies the $5,000 annual cap on individual giving to nonprofits.

We didn’t have enough fraud going on already, apparently. Ω

The FEC Web site also offers a database of 13,176 unverified or overseas donors to the Obama campaign that includes 141 anonymous donors, but the FEC does not have records on any of the Obama campaign’s sub-$200 donors.

According to an article in the New York Post (10/27/08) Obama has failed to adopt standard protections against fraudulent giving. No presidential campaign has ever before received such a gargantuan sum from unidentified contributors.

Democratic donors rewarded with W.H. perks

“Contributing does not guarantee a ticket to the White House, nor does it prohibit the contributor from visiting,” said Dan Pfeiffer, deputy White House communications director.

“This administration has across the board set the toughest ethics standards in history. As a result, we have reduced special-interest influence over the policymaking process to promote merit-based decision-making,” he added.

What a joke.

This man is a corrupt puppet who intends to cripple our remaining independent American bankers.


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Regulators Prepare for the Next ‘Big One’ Ω

LONDON — Global economic policy makers are just beginning to grapple with a key issue rising out of last year’s bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings: how to react if — or when — the next big global bank spins out of control.

While the furor over bankers’ bonuses has captured most of the headlines, policy makers are in the process of assigning each of the world’s 25 most complex international banks to a multinational crisis-management team to draw up contingency plans if they run into trouble.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal piece on a North American currency referenced at the 8:10 mark. Here’s the FT piece on a one world government referenced immediately following. See Henry Kissinger’s call for a new world order here.  A minute and a half later watch him call Obama the best person to sell the new world order to the American people.

Any banks that don’t follow the program will be crushed, or cowed into submission. Remember Ken Lewis? Once you take their money, they own you.

The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that Bank of America’s attempt to repay federal bailout funds and escape the government’s grasp has been snagged by a disagreement over how much additional capital the bank must raise to satisfy regulators, according to people familiar with the situation. Bank of America slid 5.1%, the biggest decliner on the Dow.

Don’t mess with the big boys, they’re the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks….

“‘My administration,’ the president added, ‘is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.'”

The implication was unmistakable. Do as I say or you’ll be handed over to the mob. It is a mob, by the way, that Barack Obama himself, with the help of his allies in the media and the Congress, have done their best to whip up and inflame. Executives at AIG, which has been the focus of some controversy because of bonuses, have gotten actual death threats, buttressed by protests ginned up by labor unions.

The American people are being played for fools by Obama and the people who put him in power. Bankers reluctant to go along with the plans of the Federal Reserve and Co. to bankrupt and enslave the American people are made the targets of a blinded citizenry. Irony surrenders.

Stay tuned for the next installment, tomorrow at 9 am.

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This is a complete and thorough breakdown of the takeover of America. It’s long, but if you’re not riveted by the 5 minute mark…

I’ll eat my hat.

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As We Know It
Barack Obama may attend Copenhagen summit if there is climate change progress

“The US is fully committed to trying to get a strong and pragmatic and solid agreement and the President is fully focused on that.

“We are not thinking about a Plan B either,” he said.
A communique issued at the end of the meeting agreed developed nations will be judged on targets while developing nations will have to prove they have taken action.
It also said that public finance, as well as private sector money from the carbon markets, should be used to help poor countries adapt to climate change and develop renewable energy. Gordon Brown has suggested this should be around £60 billion every year.
Or as the treaty puts it…

The active participation of all stakeholders in this transition should be sought [, be they governmental, including subnational and local government, private business or civil society, including the youth and addressing the need for gender equity].]

From page 122–

17. [[Developed [and developing] countries] [Developed and developing country Parties] [All Parties] [shall] [should]:]
(a) Compensate for damage to the LDCs’ economy and also compensate for lost opportunities, resources, lives, land and dignity, as many will become environmental refugees

Steal from the rich and give to the poor. The thing is, America won’t be rich much longer at this rate. Which is the whole idea behind the “carbon debt” concept. It’s impossible to bring all these third-world countries up to our level, so we have to be brought down to theirs. It’s Obama’s wet dream brought to life and pumped full of steroids.

Lord have mercy.

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I’m not done with my research into the Lisbon Treaty, but I have to post this piece from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Page 8, number 10. 

10. Led by developed country Parties, [an economic transition is needed [that shifts] [in order to adjust] global economic growth patterns towards a sustainable [low-emission economy] based on development of innovative technologies, more sustainable production and consumption, promoting sustainable lifestyles and [climate-resilient] [sustainable] development [while ensuring a just transition of the workforce]. The active participation of all stakeholders in this transition should be sought [, be they governmental, including subnational and local government, private business or civil society, including the youth and addressing the need for gender equity].] Those developing countries that were and are low carbon economies need sufficient financial incentives and appropriate technology transfer (not sharing, but transfer) to keep avoiding GHG emissions in their path to sustainable development and to prevent adopting the high GHG emission trajectories of developed countries.

Translation, we will be forced to give undeveloped countries our money and technology. And we have to stop using stuff. Like electricity. Unless it comes from windmills..


Okay, I’m going back to my reading now.

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