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On September 3 2008, Sarah Palin stood on a stage in Minneapolis and delivered one of the single greatest speeches in American history. Okay, perhaps it was not in the stratosphere of “give me liberty or give me death” but The Palin Speech was an electric experience that conservatives will never forget.

manAside from Palin’s charm, ease, and wit, she packed the speech with education that Americans needed to be aware of. She taught a clinic on rooting out corruption and returning more wealth to the taxpayers. She proved that a lady in pearls could be as sharp as a woman in a pantsuit. She also explained a big reason why America should be thankful that Alaska is on our side:

When that deal was struck, we began a nearly $40 billion natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence. That pipeline, when the last section is laid and its valves are opened, will lead America one step farther away from dependence on dangerous foreign powers that do not have our interest at heart. The stakes for our nation could not be higher…with Russia wanting to control a vital pipeline in the Caucusus, and to divide and intimidate our European allies by using energy as a weapon. We cannot leave ourselves at the mercy of foreign suppliers.

At the time these words were spoken, Democrats scoffed. They promised us cars that ran on water and houses powered by nothing but air, which would eliminate the need for oil and get rid of the Russia problem. Trust us, they pleaded. In time the rush for oil will be old news.

This promise didn’t even get to the other big concern over Russia controlling oil. Right now the only thing keeping the American dollar afloat is its tie to trading oil. Forget about putting gas in the car or paying high light bills in the winter. When Russia succeeds in taking oil away from us, paying a utility bill will be the least of our concerns. Conservatives are still waiting for the genius plan that Democrats surely have to make dollars valuable in a post-oil world.

More than one year later, Sarah Palin’s warning still sounds as relevant as ever. No magic cars yet, no windmills dotting the landscape, nothing we were promised from the left has appeared, and as the price of a gallon of gas hovers around uncomfortable levels, the fear of foreign suppliers has only grown.

Whatever came of Russia creeping into the Caucusus? The example they made of Georgia was enough to convince others in the region to cooperate with Russian demands for oil production. Now their control in that area is a major problem.

As Palin’s predictions began to come true, no one on the left saw a need to admit that domestic oil might be a good idea after all. Instead, the American people were offered a Cash for Clunkers welfare program designed to save families a few gallons of gas at a time in exchange for an expensive brand new car.

Having successfully gained control of major sources of oil, Russia is now canestepping up demands for all of Europe to tithe for their energy. January of 2009, the president of Ukraine refused to settle a debt for oil deliveries because he felt that Russia was charging too much. Russia retaliated by witholding oil from several other countries nearby and Ukraine was eventually pressured into paying.

As the end of another fiscal year comes around, Ukraine is back with the same problem. Russia is demanding $12 billion for oil supplies and the Ukrainian government says they don’t have that kind of money. Russia has responded, again, by ordering the European Union to come up with the funds or lose energy for millions of citizens in eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, America will have those windmills set up in Nantucket any day now.

This is the part where some might wonder why Russia would withold oil if it means they can’t make any money. That’s why they just negotiated a similar deal with China, who certainly has enough cash to pay the bill and has no qualms about making Faustian agreement.

Moreover, as The Messenger recently reported, our supposed ally of India has taken their own cue to get in bed with Russia. Oh, and there is also a whole other problem with Russia doing a favor for Iran by stalling sanctions over nuclear technology.

And while we are at it, let’s mention Russia signing energy deals with countries like Equador and becoming BFF with Hugo Chavez.

So, to sum up this situation: Sarah Palin predicted exactly what would happen, half the world is either afraid of Russia or sucking up to stay in favor, and America is still debating what color to paint the windmills.

If this is the best that the American people can do, we didn’t deserve to hear The Palin Speech at all.

Enjoy the feeling of pride that owning a Prius will save the world.


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While the American media keeps whining about evil Bob McDonnell and that darn Sarah Palin, real life keeps going for reporters elsewhere.

steamFor example, reporters in the middle east had to spend today discussing a ship that got confiscated by Israeli defense officials, allegedly carrying thousands of tons of weaponry from Iran to Hezbollah.

According to the Israeli government, the ship, which was seized in the waters of Cyprus, held some 12,000 tons worth of missiles and rockets that were bound to be delivered to Hezbollah somewhere in Lebanon.

Iran denies the accusations of weapons peddling, claiming that the ship was full of commercial goods and Israel apparently made up evidence of seized missiles.

Given how much grief Israel took over their last war with Hezbollah, and how much of a financial and emotional toll it took on their population, it simply strains the imagination to accept Iran’s version: Israel spontaneously raided a commercial ship, lied about finding weapons, staged photos of fake missiles, and dared Iran to contradict the navigation of the ship, all as part of an elaborate scheme to start another war in Lebanon while knowing that America would probably not back them up.

Yeah, Tehran, that’s what happened.

This development throws quite a setback on President Obama’s stalled peace talks between Israel/Palestine and the effort to contain Iran’s military ambitions. Under Obama’s leadership, the American government had taken a harsh new tone against Israel with demands for limited settlement in the Gaza region.

Perhaps this will be a wake-up call for Obama that Israel’s actions really are in self-defense and that their enemies cannot be trusted to honor a cease-fire that was brokered by the UN.

Then again, maybe not.

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The Messenger has been working to expose the dishonest intentions of supposed Jewish lobbying firm J Street. The group claims to be pro-Israel, but is pushing hard for a Palestinian state and opposes nuclear sanctions against Iran. J Street also asserts that the Israeli military has committed crimes, and though they concede the Goldstone Report is slightly flawed, they stand behind the “substance” of Goldstone’s accusations.

duct_tapeTHAT’S what our current government thinks is a pro-Israel lobby. In fact, J Street has been invited to the White House for meetings with President Obama.

Last week J Street held their debut conference in DC. It was so controversial that the Israeli ambassador to America refused an invitation to attend. Several American politicians had been wishy washy, so there was no way to confirm who would attend until it actually happened.

The conference finally ended a few days ago. Is there a comprehensive list of who attended now?

Ummm no.

J Street’s website boasts that at least 150 members of Congress attended, but for some reason they don’t offer a list of who these people might be. Even journalists who attended are being incredibly tight-lipped about dropping actual names in their gushing accounts of the “very well attended” conference.

It’s almost as if they don’t want you to know.

Welcome to the most transparent government evah.

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Not Tonight, Dear

I Have a Headache.

Clinton Defers Role in South Asia Feud

After poking their noses into the internal affairs of Honduras, issuing ineffective demands upon Israel regarding settlements in their own country, and shooting off at the mouth about American talk show hosts, cable networks, and a police officer in Massachusetts who was just doing his job, the Obama administration has finally found something it intends to stay out of.

Apparently, they think that their input wouldn’t do any good, and may even increase tension.

Alright, who hit them with the clue bat?

Pakistan said it is open to the U.S. playing a more direct role in resolving the Kashmir dispute, but Indian officials reject third-party mediation. New Delhi said it is open to resuming its bilateral dialogue with Pakistan, but needs Islamabad to crack down on the militant groups that attacked Mumbai.

Pakistanis have particularly criticized a nuclear-cooperation agreement between Washington and New Delhi. The pact, reached last year, allows the U.S. and other nations to sell nuclear fuels and technologies to India, despite New Delhi’s refusal to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Good thing we’ve got all those brainiacs in D.C., otherwise I’d have trouble sleeping at night….

For a little comic relief, here’s a piece on Hillary’s attempt to let her hair down and be one of the gals.

(Newser) – Hillary Clinton was relaxed in her town hall-style address to professional Pakistani women today in Islamabad, discussing “habits of the heart,” like tolerance and compromise, and touting the female doctors sent on US aid missions to Pakistan. It was nice, she said with a chuckle, to not talk about security for once. But the women wanted to talk security, the Christian Science Monitor observes, and they left feeling frustrated.

“Frankly, it was a waste of my time,” said one assistant professor. Clinton “wasn’t interested in hearing about the layman’s problems.” The questions that earned the most applause from the audience concerned drone attacks, Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, and the Kashmir conflict. Clinton’s responses were too “reserved,” said one woman. “Why were we here? What did they want us to ask?” The answer: one State Department rep said the meeting was designed to imitate The View.

This is gold, Jerry! Gold!

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Russia violating treaty, developing missile

Russian Embassy press spokesman Yegeni Khorishko said: “The Russian Federation is acting in full conformity with the provisions of the START treaty.”–Did he pinky swear?

“Clearly, neither we nor Russia would undertake any activities to increase our strategic forces or undermine strategic stability during any short gap there might be in transparency provisions,” he said. –Of course not, don’t be silly !

Russia has been demanding that the United States include missile defenses and conventional prompt-global-strike systems in the new agreement, something the administration so far has refused. –So far? They’ve caved on everything else!

Paula A. DeSutter, the former assistant secretary of state for verification and compliance, who stepped down in January, told Inside the Ring that Russian noncompliance with START continued after 2005.

“The more recent compliance report, when it does go to the Senate and House, will be disturbing in a lot of ways because Russia continues to be in violation of the START treaty,” said Ms. DeSutter, who helped write post-2005 reports.


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Okay, I admit it. The first installment was just a set up for this post. So we’ve established that Russia and China hung us out to dry with the Iran sanctions. They are also collaborating with each other militarily and monetarily against US interests..see my earlier posts here and here.
That’s all pretty bad news, and then you combine it with this…  and get the really bad news.

Iran, China Lead the World in Stealing U.S. Military Technology According to Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch
Contact Information:
Press Office 202-646-5172, ext 305
Washington, DC — October 21, 2009

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Iran and China lead the world in stealing sensitive U.S. military equipment and technology according to documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from the Justice Department’s National Security Division. The documents include a report entitled, “Significant Export Control Cases Since September 2001,” which was prepared by the Counter Espionage Section (CES), and includes the charges, investigative agency, defendants and disposition of each case.

According to a Justice Department news release included in the documents released to Judicial Watch: “The illegal exports bound for Iran have involved such items as missile guidance systems, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) components, military aircraft parts, night vision systems and other materials. The illegal exports to China have involved rocket launch data, Space Shuttle technology, missile technology, naval warship data, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or ‘drone’ technology, thermal imaging systems, military night vision systems and other materials.”
These documents show that Iran and China have concerted efforts to obtain U.S. military technology in violation of our laws,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The Obama administration needs to maintain vigilance against the illegal efforts of enemies such as Iran to obtain our sensitive technologies.

Yeah, that’ll happen. They better watch out, he’ll sanction them. Or something.

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Hahahahahahaha! Had ya there for a second?
Don’t worry, the Cubs didn’t win a pennant, the Panthers didn’t win a Super Bowl, and Obama is still a wimp. Hell has not frozen over.

So earlier this month, the story started out like this:  

Dems frustrated with President Obama’s hesitation over new Iran sanctions
By Kevin Bogardus – 10/06/09 02:27 PM ET
Lawmakers grew increasingly frustrated with the Obama administration on Tuesday as a State Department official refused to endorse a new package of sanctions on Iran that is expected to speed through Congress this year.
Steinberg said the administration is pursuing a dual-track strategy of engaging with the Iranians while threatening isolation if Iran does not grant concessions.
Pressed by Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), he acknowledged the administration has not asked Congress to pass new sanctions. He also said sanctions would be more effective if they were multilateral.
“Sanctions are not only more effective if they are broad-based, but it also takes away the political argument that Iran could make that it is just U.S. hostility,” Steinberg said.
But that could be difficult. Imposing multilateral sanctions through the United Nations would depend on the support of Russia and China, which have been reluctant in the past to take that step.

Hmmm, wonder how that strategy worked out…. 

China’s Premier Touts Cooperation With Iran, Signals Opposition to New Sanctions
Saturday, October 17, 2009
Beijing – Premier Wen Jiabao said Thursday that China intends to strengthen its cooperation with Iran, an indication Beijing would oppose growing calls in the West for additional sanctions against the Islamic regime for its nuclear program.

Oops. Oh well, there’s still Russia… 

Russia’s Putin Criticizes Sanctioning Iran
Sunday, October 18, 2009
Beijing – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin criticized talk of sanctions against Iran on Wednesday, undermining U.S. efforts to present a united front against Tehran’s nuclear program at a crucial moment.

I hope M’chelle has lots of burn ointment on hand for hubby. What on earth ever happened to the world loving us again once Obama was in charge? Did someone lose the reset button? Is it broken? Or perhaps..

Is Obama pushing the wrong buttons?

It’s a must read, what are you still doing here?

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