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Because Obama surely won’t.

This morning The Messenger reported the Iranian Green Movement’s plan to aim a chant towards Obama, and by extension,  America.

“Obama, Obama, Ya ba una, Ya ba ma!” is going to be the favorite slogan of the Green Movement tomorrow which means, “Obama, you are either with them [the Iranian government] or with us [the people].

They did it, here’s the footage.

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Maine sent proponents of gay marriage a loud and clear message last night..


Same-sex ‘marriage’ has now been voted down in every single state (31) where it has appeared on the ballot. This confirms it, America hasn’t gone completely over the edge. We may not be in Kansas anymore, but we haven’t plunged all the way down the rabbit hole, either.

Sexual deviants will now scream and stomp their feet at the cruel and intolerant “cis-gendered” people who refuse to allow deviants to hijack the oldest social institution in human history. Apparently, democracy is a beautiful thing till the will of the people gets in the way of the will of perverts. Now it’s tantrum time, baby.

Maine is a top trending topic on Twitter, here’s a sample:

Shame rhymes w/ Maine. The integration of church & hate.” –Actually, it doesn’t rhyme. Try again.

Maine votes bigotry; / the Christian right celebrates: / marriage is damaged.” —An attempt at haiku. No, seriously.

Maine you retards” –Ouch

Very unhappy about the gay marriage loss in Maine. I *do not* understand this!” —It’s simple, I’ll ‘splain it to you. Marriage=Man+Woman. Deal.

I wish #Maine would put up a referendum on banning intolerant people.“—Well then we’d have to get rid of gay marriage proponents, now wouldn’t we? C’mon, tolerate us.

dear maine, you suck too“—Eloquent

I’m so mad at 53% of Maine today, and at the far right for working SO HARD at being bigots. Your foaming-at-the-mouth propaganda caused this” —Foaming? Look in the mirror, sweetheart.

I could do this all day, but I’m going to Kos now to poke them with a stick.

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A controversy has exploded in the state of Massachussets over gay acceptance in society and how far employers should go to protect gay workers.

200410234-001One of the primary debates around gay marriage is the law of “mission creep,” which states that nothing is capable of remaining neutral because the liberal agenda will creep into anything that is not inherently conservative.

In other words, any issue, group, or legal precedent will end up belonging to the right or the left. Liberals are incapable of allowing anything to remain neutral and nonpartisan. Either conservatives are proactive in protecting something, or liberals will creep their way in.

Gay marriage provides a perfect example. Liberals would have us believe that it’s about nothing more than letting gays have the right to legal protection. They work hard to spread the mantra that conservatives will see no differece in their own lives and that everyone can live happily together in a blissful age of legal neutrality.

In states like Massachussets, this argument succeeded in legalizing gay marriage. Conservative groups reacted with predictions that gay marriage was not the ultimate goal, it was the beginning of mission creep.

President Obama signed a bill on October 28 that legally protected gays under “hate crime” legislation. Christians argued that it was a partisan and lopsided mandate: persecution of gays could be treated as a crime, but many other people who suffer actual persecution would have no legal course.

The end goal of all this is to create a class system of citizens. Those who are politically connected will have legal power to punish anyone they find annoying, while other citizens who are not lucky enough to be “special” will have to deal with unfair setbacks as a normal part of life.

Enter one Peter Vadala, a retail employee from Boston. He was fired by the Brookstone chain of stores over an incident with a lesbian coworker.

August 10, 2009, Vadala claims that he was at work when a female coworker got to chatting about the fact that she was planning a wedding. Somehow it was mentioned that she was engaged to a woman.

What happened next is the part under dispute. The woman claims that Vadala offended her with a comment about gay marriage being deviant. Vadala says he tried to change the subject at first, but the woman sensed that he was uncomfortable and prodded him for a reaction.

Either way, the worst of Vadala’s alleged crime was telling a coworker that his religion did not accept gay lifestyles. Vadala was not her surpervisor, had no power to affect her career, and made the remark only because the woman had first brought it up.

That was enough for the Brookstone Corp. to react. That very afternoon he was suspended and told to go home immediately. 48 hours later he was fired.

It must be nice to destroy the career of a random coworker just because they get on your nerves.

Vadala has been kind enough to provide public viewing of his termination letter, which can be read here.

Legal mandates in America are now apparently applied thusly: gays have full permission to talk about their lovelife but Christians are banned from speaking their personal opinion on the subject in public.

It looks like “what goes on behind closed doors” only applies to closing the door of a church.

Brookstone can be contacted here.

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The Messenger has been working to expose the dishonest intentions of supposed Jewish lobbying firm J Street. The group claims to be pro-Israel, but is pushing hard for a Palestinian state and opposes nuclear sanctions against Iran. J Street also asserts that the Israeli military has committed crimes, and though they concede the Goldstone Report is slightly flawed, they stand behind the “substance” of Goldstone’s accusations.

duct_tapeTHAT’S what our current government thinks is a pro-Israel lobby. In fact, J Street has been invited to the White House for meetings with President Obama.

Last week J Street held their debut conference in DC. It was so controversial that the Israeli ambassador to America refused an invitation to attend. Several American politicians had been wishy washy, so there was no way to confirm who would attend until it actually happened.

The conference finally ended a few days ago. Is there a comprehensive list of who attended now?

Ummm no.

J Street’s website boasts that at least 150 members of Congress attended, but for some reason they don’t offer a list of who these people might be. Even journalists who attended are being incredibly tight-lipped about dropping actual names in their gushing accounts of the “very well attended” conference.

It’s almost as if they don’t want you to know.

Welcome to the most transparent government evah.

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This is an update on the conference at Brandeis University that your humble correspondent has been following.

phoneRichard Goldstone, the anti-Semitic scheduled to attend the event, has long been known as the leader of a vicious smear campaign against the Israeli government. He was commissioned by the UN to “investigate” the war on Hamas, and predictably turned in a report that accused Israel of crimes against humanity. The UN’s Human Rights Commission then used the report as an excuse to pass a resolution against the Israeli military.

This is the beginning steps of the UN getting traction on their long-sought efforts to charge Israel with breaking international law.

John Bolton wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the Goldstone Report was biased from day one and will be used by Israel’s enemies to paint them in the worst possible light. It’s a great big shell game from the UN – legitimize accusations by including them in an “official report,” use emotional reaction as momentum for passing resolutions, and then attack anyone who questions it by claiming the process was fully vetted.

Where did President Obama come down on this? Hint: he disagrees with Bolton.

Four Congress critters have drafted a resolution of their own to challenge the Goldstone Report and urge Obama to think twice before believing it.  Hats off to Democrats Gary Ackerman and Howard Berman for getting on board.

Already, the blogosphere is gearing up to pressure their allies in Congress to kill the bill.

Call Congress: (202)224-3121

Call your critters. Call your President. Call your friends who care about Israel. Don’t let screaming college kids at Brandeis University pretend to represent all of America. And don’t leave your heart unspoken when evil is so close at hand.

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