Eat your heart out, Barry!

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Liberals are infatuated with the death sentence. Not for adults who have been found guilty of crimes against humanity, but for the unborn who, according to the liberal way of thinking, may grow up to commit a crime. To wit:

A private abortion costs less than $500.  I am sure there will be abortion clinics down there to provide private service, and it would be a better atmosphere anyway.  You never know who would be working in the hospitals who might have a religious objection, and you know what religious people can get like, (shooting people, blowing things up…)

hypocriteAnd then there are people like Jon 34 who refuse to accept that women have the right to end pregnancy.  He’d like all women who have abortions charged with murder.  Sigh.  So how about the military, Jon?  Are all those soldiers murderers because the bible says though shalt not kill?  Grow up my friend.  I’d love to see the government ‘not fund’ the military, eh?  Because some peace groups call it murder?

These are ugly truths but should be identified and considered.  I do not like abortion, just like I do not like bombs and guns, but it is a reality in our world and lets deal with it with understanding.

So much for due process, civil rights, and the presumption of innocence. Unless you’re a grown man who shoots people indiscriminately while screaming “Allahu Akbar”. Oops, I meant allegedly shoots people while allegedly screaming “Allahu Akbar”.

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The White House rushes to lower expectations as Obama prepares to wing off to the East and do the only thing he knows how to do, read a pretty speech.

But administration officials say the president isn’t likely to bring along tangible concessions on hot-button issues, nor will he return with concrete achievements. Unfinished business — from the shape of U.S. military bases in Okinawa, to a South Korean free-trade agreement, to climate change, trade and currency issues with China — will remain unfinished.

Instead, Mr. Obama will likely rely heavily on oratory and personal popularity to try to boost U.S. influence while maintaining close economic ties to a region that has become the biggest creditor to the U.S.

Translation: “We have absolutely no leverage with the Chinese because we’ve sold them our souls, so we’re sending in our best used car salesman as a last-ditch effort to appease our financial backers.”

Alas, the Chinese know a smooth-talking Dear Leader when they see one.

Prediction: They roll Obama, take his lunch money, and send him home with his tail carefully adjusted.


Your humble correspondent was forced to take two days to put the pieces of her skull back together after it  exploded violently at approximately 10:34pm on Saturday night. As the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall came and went with no public mention (that your humble correspondent can yet find) of Ronald Reagan’s part in that historic event, the pieces are in imminent danger of flying apart again.

While it trembles on the verge, let us take a stroll down LamestreamMedia Lane and see how many times Reagan was referred to at the time of the Fall.




This current piece mentions Reagan, it’s featured on the “Russia Today” YT channel. They interview an American writer who disrespects President Reagan for three straight minutes. He says, among other things, that to think that Reagan was motivated by the desire to see oppressed people freed is “utter and complete nonsense”.



Nope, not you.